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UMEGA AGRO. We are professionals in the metalworking industry and producers of machinery. We firmly believe that modern machinery can be long-lasting.

That is why the materials we use for our products are of exceptional quality and our work is carried out by highly qualified UMEGA specialists.

Design and production of agricultural machinery by UMEGA AGRO. We constantly improve and develop our products. Our factory produces some 40 different models of trailers. We are glad that UMEGA AGRO trailers can be purchased in 17 countries already.

CONTRACT MANUFACTURING. We provide custom manufacturing of high-quality mechanisms and products for the industries of agriculture, transport and others. Our services are favoured by well-known brands.

TRAINING CENTRE. We invest in specialist training: around 300 future professionals in the metalworking industry get their qualifications every year in our training centre.

welder (2)
250 t
of metal processed per month
trailer (1)
trailers per year
logistics (1)
80 %
of products are exported
For Partners
As professionals of the metalworking industry we are always looking for reliable partners for the production of UMEGA AGRO trailers and contract manufacturing.
Our products comply with EU requirements and our production control system is certified under the KIWA EN1090-1:2009+A:2011 standard.
We believe that attention to quality pays off. It is important for us that our clients receive the highest-quality products and services that surpass their expectations. Therefore, we are always looking for solutions to improve the existing manufacturing and management processes, and to implement innovations.

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Umega Agro, UAB Metalo g.5, LT-28216, Utena, Lithuania
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