SPS – bale transport trailer

SPS trailer for straw bales or other types of cargo.

Advantages of the trailer

  • The bottom of the corrugated sheet
  • Sides and back in to strengthen profiled promotions
  • Rear side, oblique, hinges attached to the welded platform


Technical payload (kg) 14,000
Payload according reg. (EU) 167/2013 (kg) 13,800
Mass* (kg) 4,200
Max axle load according reg. (EU) 167/2013 (kg) 9,000
Suspension (kg) 18,000
Max load on tyre* (kg) 3,300
Overall dimensions: length (mm) 11,980
Overall dimensions: width (mm) 2,550
Overall dimensions: height* (mm) 3,060
Internal dimensions: length (mm) 10,000
Internal dimensions: width (mm) 2,445
Platform height from the ground (mm) 1,200
Bottom metal thickness (mm) 3
Track width (mm) 1,800
Wheelbase (mm) 7000 / 1060
Brakes dimensions (mm) 300×60
Axle count (pcs) 2
Axle(s) (mm) 70×70
Maximum speed (km/h) 40
Recommended wheels 400/60 15,5″
Tyre pressure (bar) 4
Recommended tractor power (hp) 140
Oil working pressure (bar) 180



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